Below is a sampling of arts and cultural programs and services Marin Society of Artists offers to engage and support the communities it serves.


MSA partners with an array of local organizations to broaden arts availability to all members of the community. Examples include:


CanalArts with Kids Group – A bilingual Facebook group for immigrant children confined to home. Adult artists post “how to” videos for young artists. Youth artists post their work too.

Canal Arts Initiative – MSA partners Canal Alliance and participating organizations to bring public art and arts education to the immigrant Canal neighborhood of San Rafael, engaging the community through art. CAI also seeks to employ artists of color.

Downtown San Rafael Arts District (DSRAD) – With DSRAD and other partners, MSA fosters arts/culture events. E.g.  Dia de los Muertos alters, Celebrating Community Arts events.

Blue Light at the Gallery and More – Pre-pandemic, MSA housed adult and youth spoken word, poetry slams and musical performance.

Crossroads Program  - Outreach to bring arts into the community, and to bring the community into the Art Center.

Makers Moment- a bi-weekly free Zoom based gathering inviting “makers” of all disciplines and skill levels in every location to “create in the presence of others.” We encourage all to spread the word with a goal of including as many people, communities and cultures as possible. The goal is cross-cultural inclusion through the commonly shared human desire to create. A companion goal is to utilize creative community based focus to stimulate mental and emotional health during pandemic induced isolation.

Blind & Vision Impaired Workshops: Pre-pandemic MSA provided space, supplies and 1-to-1 aides for artmaking workshops for blind and vision impaired artists. We intend to reinstate this program when possible.

Art Exhibits: Online & gallery exhibits of community art open to all for free or low cost.

Workshops: Free and low cost space for community arts and enrichment activities.

Artist in Residence: Housing artist of color who lack work space. Differently Enabled Artists: Provided studio space for 5 day weekly workshops. Partnered in exhibits of work by physically and developmentally challenged Alchemia artists.

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