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An IDEA - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access

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 The Crossroads Program employs IDEA [inclusion, diversity, equity & access] in arts & enrichment activities for diverse, underserved & challenged populations, guided by twin beliefs:

  • Shared creativity bridges differences & forges unity.

  • The arts in all forms enrich the human spirit, foster communication & lead to understanding.


The Crossroads Program, operates through MSA’s one-of-a-kind Art Centre serving as a community hub & incubator for multi-disciplinary arts and enrichment attracting participants and audiences reflecting the wide-ranging age, cultural, ethnic and socio-economic population of the area. Centrally located in Marin County’s diverse and most populous city, and in the heart of the State of California newly designated Downtown San Rafael Arts District, the Art Centre is within walking distance of 40% of Marin County’s low-income housing. The Art Centre is a comfortable accessible environment for all people to explore creative interests; a place of renewal, wellness and opportunity to meet and share inspiration with others. 


The Crossroads Program builds on and expands MSA’s historic outreach activities to included significantly more robust partners, programs, uses and activities that are accessible to the general public as well as diverse, underserved & challenged populations. The Art Centre flexible space is ideal for a range of compatible uses.  MSA’s business plan calls for full utilization of space for arts, cultural and community benefit & enrichment  as well as for social and business uses.

 Crossroads Program benefits include:

  • Blind and Vision Impaired of Marin: Art workshops for vision impaired with Marin County as partner.

  • Inclusive Community Arts: Arts programs & employment opportunities in the Canal area & other impacted populations. The Canal Arts – Led by Storek Studio/Architecture, MSA partners with Canal Alliance and participating organizations to bring public art and cultural education to the immigrant Canal neighborhood of San Rafael, engaging the community through art. CAI also supports arts-related employment for artists of color.

  • Youth Arts: MSA partners with CanalArt with Kids, and other organizations to provide youth arts programs at the Art Centre and virtually.

  •  Sponsored Arts: Free & discounted space use, artists in residence, stipends, and more in partnership with Canal Alliance and others.

  • Performance Arts: Dance, poetry slams, readings, small ensemble music and more.

  • Classes and Workshops: Improv theatre, meditation, movement, creative arts, and more.

  • Blue Light at the Gallery: written & spoken word; performance, solo & small group musicians/voice.

  • Arts Exhibits: Local and national artists.

  • Celebrating Community Arts: Local arts, music and enrichment activities of all kinds.



Arts, Cultural and Community Benefit & Enrichment Uses (“ACE” uses): Make floor space & programs available for ACE uses for free or at affordable cost to diverse and underserved partners, participants and audiences.

Social, Business & Other General Community Uses (“General Community” uses): Make floor space available for General Community uses at or near competitive market rates in order to subsidize ACE uses, with a goal of keeping ACE uses free or affordable.    General Community use revenues will help finance Ace uses & contribute toward program and operating expenses.

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