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Canal Neighborhood

   San Rafael, CA


  • Through public art, bring visible transformation to the Canal neighborhood expressing its mix of immigrant cultures and the hopes, dreams and contributions of its community.

  • Promote the use of color on buildings. A wall or an entire building, simply repainted with a lively palette, can make an engaging difference at little cost.

  •  Include participatory education elements throughout public art conception and creation, with an emphasis on history and meaning, and reflection on its impact.




  • Utilize the arts to bridge differences and forge unity

  • Community engagement in all aspects of CAI work

  • Outcomes of and by the community

  • Create economic opportunity and investment in the community

  • Foster communication that leads to understanding


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Triptik Mural and Team.png

Artists of every age, Voces del Canal advisors, Bienvenidos Mural

Shower Trailer and Mural.jpg


Shower Trailer managed by building occupant Homeward Bound is a canvas in waiting....

The Plan: a collage of kids' art covering the trailer surface in time for the Bienvenidos mural gala celebration, July 31, 2021.

This project is currently unfunded. Need: $4,000

Photos by Jesse Gift |