Blue Light at the Gallery is an ongoing program of poetry and music at the MSA Art Centre.

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Friday, March 5, 2021 – 6 pm Pacific Time / 8 pm Central Time  


Naomi Lowinsky, Author of Death and His Lorca

Bruce Bagnell, Author of The Self-Evolution Spa

Terry Tierney, Author of The Poet's Garage

Raphael Block, Author of Songs from a Small Universe.

About the poets:
Naomi Ruth Lowinsky spends morning reverie time working with her dreams, and consulting dream figures, who often leap into her poems. She believes in the power of the unconscious, the magical pull of images, the music of words, the presence of the ancestors and the interpenetration of inner and outer worlds. She will read poems from Death and His Lorca, forthcoming from Blue Light Press and other new work. She is a Jungian Analyst, Poetry Editor for Psychological Perspectives, and blogs about poetry and life at

Bruce Bagnell and his wife track redwoods to find the buried creeks of Berkeley. They look for the oldest sidewalks, swim in the bay, zoom. A Poetry Express Berkeley co-host before we all became Prosperos hiding in abbeys, he writes poetry and fiction. Before it all he was a cook, mechanic, college professor, a vet of Vietnam, many protests, and much political canvassing. His poetry has been in many magazines. His full-length poetry book The Self-Evolution Spa is available on Amazon. He is currently endlessly editing a novel.

Terry Tierney's poems feature sentient birds and plants, twisted relationships, humor, and epiphany. Hailing from the Midwest, he has planted roots in the San Francisco Bay Area. After serving in the Seabees, he completed his BA and MA at Binghamton University, and completed a PhD in Victorian Literature at Emory University. He taught college composition and creative writing courses before surviving several Silicon Valley startups as a software engineer. His poetry and fiction have appeared in over sixty literary journals. He will read from The Poet's Garage, recently published by Unsolicited Press. Lucky Ride, his irreverent Vietnam-era road novel, is set to release in 2021.

Raphael Block has lived on three continents and now resides happily in Northern California. A long-time meditator, he breathes in wonder at Earth's and our own rhythmic ebb and flow. He is the author of four poetry books, Songs from a Small Universe, Spangling Darkness, Strings of Shining Silence, and At This Table. Raphael produces the monthly Earth-Love Newsletter which can be viewed at along with a National Geographic selected 5-minute documentary 

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