Bette, Self Portrait - Bette Trono.png

Bette - Self Portrait

Bette Trono, Acrylic

Larkspur Ferry - Diane Marchant.png

Larkspur Ferry

Diane Marchant - Oil

Self-Absorbed - Debbie Patrick.png


Debbie Patrick -Oil

First Wheels - Gail Andersen.png

First Wheels

Gail Andersen - Acrylic

Anne, 1930 - Richard Weinberger.png

Anne, 1930

Richard Weinberger - Oil

Do Portraits always have to be of people?  Can they be of animals?  Mountains?  Flowers?  Inanimate objects?

Join us in the main Gallery, March 4 through March 26, to find out! 

Reception:  Second Friday, March 11, 2022, 5 to 7 p.m.

Prizes juried by Kathleen Lack, Portrait & Figurative Artist.