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September 8 - September 30


Marin Society of Artists was established in 1927, making it one (if not the) longest, continuously operating art associations in Marin County.  Join us as we celebrate our "birthday" and showcase our talented members artworks. 


Juror for prizes:   Kay Carlson - California Colorist en plein air

Artist Members have a wide range of styles and mediums. Something for everyone.  A sampling - click on image to see in original format.

Susan Miron 

Fantasy - Gourd and Horsehair

Jane Zich

He Was of Many Minds - Acrylic

Debbie Patrick

 Enzo - Oil

Ronile Valenza

Chaos Theory - Acrylic

Karen Urquhart

Breaking Through In Reflection - Oil

Iris Sabre

Vision of Strength and Beauty - Oil

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